80 North Avenue

80 North Avenue – c. 1950

From To Date Book/Page Notes
James E. Quigley Jesse A. Esty 11/09/1935 002654/499
Jesse A. Esty John W. Ingham
Anne S. Ingham
11/27/1948 003159/515 Portion of deed above
Anna (Anne) S. Ingham Earl Thomas
Cecile Thomas
12/29/1989 012548/241 With life estate for Anna S. Ingham (d. 1997)
Jeanette (Warwick) LaFlash,
Power of Attorney
for Anna S. Ingham

Joyce-Ann Dalton,
Executrix for the
Estate of Earl F.

Donald A. Handley
Patricia E. Handley
12/09/1997 019445/378

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