44 North Avenue – c. 1950

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Sarah J. Aldrich Frank M. Aldrich 04/02/1915 002076/026 Sarah J. Aldrich, widow of Marcus M. Aldrich (d. 1914)

Frank M. Aldrich, son of Sarah J. and Marcus M. Aldrich

Frank M. Aldrich Russell E. Phipps
Janet M. Phipps
03/10/1960 004098/435 Portion of deed above
Janet M. Phipps Russell E. Phipps 09/05/1969 004976/213
Patricia I. Phipps, Executor
under the Will of Russell E.
Patricia I. Phipps 09/06/1995 017301/199 House is on Parcel 2
Debra L. Jerrett-Goldenberg,
Personal Representative
of the Estate of Patricia
I. Phipps
Laurita I. Sullivan
Jeffrey J. Charette, Jr.
Cassandra I. Charette
07/08/2019 060810/145

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