57 Milford Street

57 Milford Street – c. 1950

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Michael T. Harrington Leopoldo Bracci
Giuditta Bracci
01/14/1913 002015/583
Merrill R. Bracci Merrill R. Bracci
Lena C. Bracci
03/07/1958 003933/085 Merrill R. Bracci, son and heir of Leopoldo Bracci (d. 1944) and Giuditta Bracci (d. 1948)

Portion of deed above

Merrill R. Bracci, Jr.,
Administrator of the
Estate of Lena C.
Paul J. Larson
Marian C. Larson
04/03/1979 006701/368 Millard R. Bracci, Jr., son of Merril R. Bracci (d. 1967) and Lena C. Bracci (d. 1978)
Elaine A. Rua Paul J. Larson
Marian C. Larson
09/22/2008 043332/212 Adjacent land

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