71 Park Street – c. 1950

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Susie M. Caswell Louis Wiersma
Tjiske Wiersma
07/12/1928 002472/229
Louis Wiersma Arthur Wiersma
Cornelius Wiersma
George Wiersma
Harry Wiersma
07/08/1947 003087/299
Arthur Weirsma
George Weirsma
Cornelius Weirsma
Harry Weirsma 05/22/1950 003257/040 Portion of Parcel 1 in deed above
Harry Weirsma Harry Weirsma
Ethel Weirsma
05/09/1956 003771/223
Harry Weirsma
Ethel Weirsma
Arlene Chao 02/21/1997 018620/135 House is on Parcel 1
Steven J. Chao,
Personal Representative
of the Estate of Arlene
Ann Chao
Patricia Bush 07/29/2016 055768/372

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