85 Millville Street

85 Millville Street – c. 1955

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Adaline A. Davenport
Samuel D. Davenport
John L. Davenport
Alanson Freeman 01/25/1922 002269/305
Alanson Freeman Clayton E. Parkinson 12/23/1948 003237/325
Clayton E. Parkinson
Leola F. Parkinson
Judson E. Parkinson
Terry C. Parkinson
John P. Canavan
Henry F. Corcoran
11/29/1967 004823/281
John P. Canavan
Henry F. Corcoran
Henry F. Corcoran 07/08/1975 005762/181 Portion of Lot 1 in deed above
Henry F. Corcoran David E. Rexroad
Rita A. Rexroad
09/02/1988 011597/066
Rita A. Rexroad John C. Meade
Phyllis J. Meade
09/26/1997 019202/056

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