52 North Avenue

52 North Avenue – c. 1929

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Francis F. Taft Samuel A. Bennett 04/29/1895 001469/497
Edith B. Scott
Florence Bennett
Fred A. Davenport 06/13/1930 002530/434 Edith B. Scott and Florence Bennett, children and heirs of Samuel A. Bennett
(d. 1923)
Edith M. D. Griswold
Beatrice L. D. Wood

Executors Under the
Will of Marion E.

Herbert E. Erickson 10/07/1968 004893/200 Edith M. Davenport Griswold and Beatrice L. Davenport Wood, children and heirs of Fred A. Davenport (d. 1941) and Marion Davenport
(d. 1968)
Herbert E. Erickson Frederick J. Peronti
Priscilla A. Pironti
04/28/1969 004941/250 Portion of deed above
Frederick J. Peronti Dennis Montgomery
Christina Montgomery
04/24/2024 070512/399

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