44 Northbridge Street

44 Northbridge Street – c. 1925 (42 Northbridge Street on assessor’s map)

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Daniel H. Barnes Frank Gustav Halsing
Julia Halsing
01/09/1918 002148/442
Gideon Halsing,
Administrator of the Will
of Julia Halsing
Richard M. VanderSluis
Eleanor VandeSluis
04/26/1950 003253/250 Portion of deed above
Richard M. VanderSluis
Eleanor VandeSluis
Mary Jane VanderSluis 11/26/1986 010010/198 Portion of deed above
Mary Jane VanderSluis Joseph W. Thibodeau
Susan E. Thibodeau
04/30/1997 018785/392
Joseph W. Thibodeau
Susan E.( Thibodeau) Wheeler
James Caralis
Irene Caralis
10/12/2005 037557/239 House is on Parcel 1

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