60 Northbridge Street

60 Northbridge Street – c. 1947

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Althea A. Taft
Helen M. Taft
John C. Ripley 06/06/1924 002332/531 Althea A. and Helen M. Taft title via the will of their father, Putman Taft and their sisters, Ada C. Taft and Mary E. Thayer

Land only

John C. Ripley Sydney VanderSluis 06/26/1947 003066/479
Ruth Evelyn VanderSluis Gail Joy Sprague 06/27/1992 014398/137 Gail Joy Sprague, a.k.a. Gail Joy Malkoski,

Reserving life estate for the grantor

Ruth Evelyn VanderSluis Gail Joy Malkoski 03/01/2002 026077/327 Conveying life estate to the grantee
Gail Joy Malkoski Peter S. Malkoski
Gail Joy Malkoski
03/26/2002 026291/093

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