120 Uxbridge Road – c. 1950

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Charles T. Aldrich Henry W. Gaskill 10/10/1904 001796/525
Henry W. Gaskill William F. Irons 03/16/1926 002403/315 Portion of deed above
Amy B. Gaskill,
Administrator of the
Estate of Henry W.
William F. Irons 11/22/1938 002734/219
Lillian M. T. Irons
Ina M. Irons
Mildred H. Ballou
Ernest C. Irons
Lester L. Irons
William F. Irons
Helen F. Irons
09/29/1948 003156/204 Lillian M. T. Irons, wife of William F. Irons (d. 1944)

Ina, Ernest, Mildred, William and Lester, children of William F. Irons and Lillian M. T. Irons

Portion of deeds above

Francis A. Irons,
Executor Under the
Will of Helen F.
Freedom Realty, LLC 09/09/2005 037356/397 Helen F. Irons (d. 2005), wife of William F. Irons (d. 1973)
Freedom Realty, LLC

John M. Fino
Richard B. Fino
Lena B. Fino

Trustees of LJR
Realty Trust

Eliseu Monteiro 08/14/2008 043211/189 House is on Parcel 1
Eliseu Monteiro John Mark Monteiro 02/23/2022 067167/001

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