10 Trask Road

10 Trask Road

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Abbott A. Jenkins D. Walter Gaskill 07/06/1908 001883/196 Estate of Seth T. Davenport (d. 1858) and Adeline A. Davenport (d. 1907), sold at auction

Lot No. 10 on 000013_073_Plan

D. Walter Gaskill Frank S. Clark 07/21/1915 002083/262
Frank S. Clark George E. Scripture 07/21/1915 002083/263
Fanny A. Scripture
Mary J. Scripture
Frank S. Clark 08/14/1916 002115/288 Mary J. Scripture, wife of George E. Scripture
(d. 1916)

Fanny A. Scripture, sister of George E. Scripture

Jessie M. Clark Curville W. Cox
Elizabeth T. Cox
09/10/1957 003892/481 Jessie M. Clark, wife of Frank S. Clark (d. 1947)
Curville W. Cox
Elizabeth T. Cox
Black Brook Realty Corp 05/28/1999 021543/065 Land only

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