1 Milford Street

1 Milford Street – c. 1954

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Sarah J. Dudley
Abbie F. Darling
Joseph H. Dudley
George M. Taft 12/04/1899 001641/052 Sarah J. Dudley, widow of Silas Dudley, Jr. (d. 1899)

Abbie F. Darling, daughter of Silas Dudley, Jr.

Joseph H. Dudley, son of Silas Dudley, Jr.

This is a portion of the property Silas Dudley purchased in 1835 from the heirs of Philip Ammidon (see 4 Main Street)

G. Kenneth Taft
Beatrice Taft
Mabel Messinger
Carl M. Taft 10/15/1921 002256/041 Carl M., G. Kenneth and Beatrice Taft and Mabel Messinger, children and heirs of George M. Taft (d. 1919)

Portion of the deed above

Carl M. Taft David V. Smith 11/30/1962 004337/001 Portion of the deed above
David V. Smith Edouard J. Rouleau, Jr. 05/31/1963 004374/236
Edouard J. Rouleau, Jr. The Grove Corporation 12/15/1971 005181/058
Drake Petroleum
Company, Inc.
Khalid Properties, LLC 06/19/2008 043020/187 The Grove Corporation merged with Kenyon Oil Company, Inc 06/01/1994

Kenyon Oil Company, Inc merged with Drake Petroleum Company, Inc. 01/01/2004

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