9 Milford Street

9 Milford Street – c. 1930

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Sarah J. Dudley
Abbie F. Darling
Joseph H. Dudley
George M. Taft 12/04/1899 001641/052 Sarah J. Dudley, widow of Silas Dudley, Jr.

Abbie F. Darling, daughter of Silas Dudley, Jr.

Joseph H. Dudley, son of Silas Dudley, Jr.

This is a portion of the property Silas Dudley purchased in 1835 from the heirs of Philip Ammidon (see 4 Main Street)

G. Kenneth Taft
Beatrice Taft
Mabel Messinger
Carl M. Taft 10/15/1921 002256/041 Carl M., G. Kenneth and Beatrice Taft and Mabel Messinger, children and heirs of George M. Taft

Portion of the deed above

Carl M. Taft Avis S. Power 10/14/1933 002594/086 Portion of the deed above
Avis S. Power Donald A. Handley
Patricia E. Handley
11/20/1970 005076/550
Donald A. Handley
Patricia E. Handley
Donald A. Handley 04/03/1987 010398/273

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