44 Providence Street

44 Providence Street – c. 1946

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Walter A. Gaskill Harry Mael
Morris Mael
05/02/1941 002815/039
Harry Mael
Morris Mael
Myrtle M. Gaskill 04/30/1943 002884/150
Myrtle M. Gaskill Helen Berg 10/28/1947 003091/550 Portion of deed above
Helen L. Harvey
Myrtle R. Perrico
Edmund L. Leighton
Dorothy E. Leighton
10/26/1978 006598/098 Title via the estate of Helen Berg
Edmund F. (L.) Leighton
Dorothy E. Leighton
Lawrence P. Freeman
Arlene E. Freeman
11/07/1980 007108/183
Arlene E. Freeman Larry P. Freeman 06/08/1990 012829/093

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