22 Kinsley Lane

22 Kinsley Lane – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Ella G. Kinsley,
Trustee Under the
Will of Elizabeth
W. Taft
George P. Sheldon 05/10/1905 001806/276
George P. Sheldon Dennis E. Shea
William J. Shea
07/09/1913 002031/501
Martha M. Shea
John T. O’Brien
Helen A. Touhey 09/14/1939 002755/467 Martha M. Shea and John T. O’Brien, heirs of Dennis E. Shea
Helen A. Touhey Leo P. Fitzpatrick 06/29/1953 003514/398
Leo P. Fitzpatrick John P. Canavan
Henry F. Corcoran
08/02/1969 004966/490
John P. Canavan
Henry F. Corcoran
Henry F. Corcoran 07/08/1975 005762/180
Henry F. Corcoran Brian D. Coner 05/02/1994 016290/395
Brian D. Coner Floyd R. Brothers
Marilyn V. Brothers
01/30/2002 025884/179

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