64 North Avenue – c. 1952

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Kleber A. Campbell Eric Swanson 01/26/1925 002372/273
Eric Swanson Ruth E. Ostrand 12/20/1941 002844/394
Ruth E. Ostrand Eric Swanson
Edith G. Swanson
12/20/1941 002844/394
Harold C. Barrows
Florence H. Barrows
Eric Swanson
Edith G. Swanson
11/29/1954 003641/197 Small additional parcel and to confirm in the grantees title
Eric K. Swanson,
Executor of the Estate
of Edith Swanson
Deborah L. Malo 08/09/2006 039589/285 Portion of deed above

House is on Lot B

Deborah L. Malo Accredited Home
Lenders, Inc.
04/13/2007 041010/092 Mortgage deed
Mortgage Electronic
Registration Systems, Inc.,
Nominee for Accredited
Home Lenders, Inc.
Deutsche Bank
National Trust
10/09/2008 043583/031 Assignment
Deborah L. Malo Deutsche Bank
National Trust
03/18/2010 045772/090 Possession
Deborah L. Malo Deutsche Bank
National Trust
04/07/2010 045772/091 Foreclosure deed
Deutsche Bank
National Trust
Susan L. Swanson 05/10/2010 045782/166
Susan L. Swanson/td>

Kimberly Gilbertson 01/19/2015 054836/001
Kimberly Gilbertson Alexander J. Taddei 07/26/2022 067988/217

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