38 Cape Road Street – c. 1890

From To Date Book/Page Notes
John Howe Jotham Hayward 10/04/1845 000403/635
Jotham Hayward Ezekiel P. Burr 02/11/1846 000403/635
Jotham Hayward Ezekiel P. Burr
Esther C. Burr
02/11/1846 000414/487
Jesse Battey
Esther C. (Burr) Battey
Ezekiel P. Burr 03/20/1851 000480/586 Esther C. Battey, sister of Ezekiel P. Burr
Ezekiel P. Burr Ann Hunnewell 10/15/1875 000967/215
Mary A. Webber Mary S. Munyon 12/01/1894 001462/190 Mary A. Weber, heir-at-law of Ann Hunnewell
Albert E. Munyon Clifton E. Bates 05/20/1897 001536/545 To correct title error in deed above; showed grantee as Albert E. Munyon
Clifton E. Bates Mary S. Munyon 05/20/1897 001536/546
Mary S. Munyon Hattie M. Spredbury 06/19/1897 001541/647
Hattie M. Spredbury William McViedy 03/26/1898 001574/092
William McViedy Abbie A. Murdough 05/06/1899 001612/245
Ida A. Whitmarsh
James W. Murdough
Nathan Murdough 04/07/1900 001644/414 Ida A. Whitmarsh, James W. Murdough and Nathan Murdough, children and heirs of Abbie A. Murdough (d. 1899)
Nathan Murdough Ruel F. Thayer 04/22/1901 001683/335 Mortgage deed
Nathan Murdough Jennie E. Turnbull 10/01/1901 001695/553 Subject to above mortgage, to be paid by grantee
Nathan Murdough Robert F. Turnbull 11/04/1910 001947/596 Foreclosure, sold at auction

Robert F. Turnbull, husband of Jennie E. Turnbull

Robert F. Turnbull Evangelista Riccio 11/05/1910 001946/584
Evangelista Riccio Commonwealth of
Mass Land Court
09/15/1915 002086/353 Notice of Filing Petition
Commonwealth of
Mass Land Court
Evangelista Riccio 12/15/1915 Land Court
Decree 119
Land Court Decree
Evangelista Riccio Eustachio Pettinelli 01/08/1916 Certificate 000465
Document 001012
Eustachio Pettinelli Liberato Pettinelli 10/19/1917 Certificate 000550
Document 002080
Anthony F. Pettinelli Commonwealth of
Mass Land Court
12/29/1978 Land Court
Order 34293
Anthony F. Pettinelli, son of Liberato Pettinelli (d. 1972)

Order to Issue new certificate of title

Liberato Pettinelli Anthony F. Pettinelli
Olga A. Pettinelli
01/05/1979 Certificate 009465
Document 034293
New Certificate of Title
Olga A. Pettinelli Eugene E. Pettinelli
Susan R. Pettinelli
08/14/1996 Certificate 013222
Document 063684
House is on Lot C on 5594B_Plan
Eugene E. Pettinelli
Susan R. Pettinelli
38 Cape Road LLC 12/16/2018 059957/024 Portion of deed above

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