10 George Street

10 George Street – c. 1957

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Charles Frazier
Edith L. Ormsbee

Executors of the
Will of Jennie L.

Ada A. Williams 04/06/1914 002050/578 Parcel 1 contains the house on 12 George Street
Claire Williams Mary A. Blaisdell 05/15/1947 002815/566 Claire Williams and Mary A. Blaisedell, daughters of Ada A. Williams (d. 1918)

Parcel 1 in deed above

Harold Metcalf
Mabel Griffin
Harold B. Metcalf
Lucille B. Metcalf
06/16/1956 003782/377 Harold Metcalf and Mabel Griffin, children of Mary A. (Metcalf) Blaisdell (d. 1955)

Portion of deed above

Harold B. Metcalf
Lucille B. Metcalf
Lucille B. Metcalf 05/02/1988 011305/230
Kathleen Staples,
Executrix Under the
Will of Lucille B.
Mendon Historical
12/28/1995 017661/351
Mendon Historical

Lorna F. Rhodes
Dawn Chase

Jeanne M. Davoren 01/15/1997 018545/390 Lorna F. Rhodes, President
Dawn Chase, Treasurer

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