76 Providence Street

76 Providence Street – c. 1814

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Ozias Thurber Samuel Gaskill 12/23/1814 000197/536 Parcel 2
L. Leslie Fletcher
Ada A. Williams
Charles A. Fletcher 03/22/1909 001902/010 2 undivided thirds

Grantors and grantees title derived by descent from their mother, Almira F. Fletcher (d. 1908), daughter of Naum Gaskill (d. 1860), granddaughter of Samuel Gaskill
(d. 1846)

In his will from 1848 Naum Gaskill leaves his daughter Almira the Ozias Thurber Farm and $500 to build a house if he doesn’t build one there before his death

House is on Parcel 3

Arthur F. Paddock Eliza D. Goldthwaite 10/02/1928 002482/375 Arthur F. Paddock, grandson of Charles A. Fletcher (d. 1927); Eliza D. Goldthwaite, daughter of Charles A. Fletcher

House is on Parcel 2

Eliza D. Goldthwaite Esther L. MonoSchely 09/07/1955 003711/032 Esther L. MonoSchely, daughter of Eliza D. Goldthwaite (d. 1959)

Parcels 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 from deed above

John MonoSchely Milton C. Taft
Robert A. Taft
03/23/1957 003850/148 John MonoSchely, husband of Esther L. MonoSchely (d. 1956)
Milton C. Taft
Robert A. Taft
Margaret G. Morrison 04/29/1961 004190/092 Milton C. Taft and Robert A. Taft, children of Esther L. MonoSchely

Parcel 2 of deed above

Margaret G. Morrison Henry D’Alessandro
Gladys D’Alessandro
10/03/1986 009859/318 Margaret Morrison, wife of Arthur F. Paddock

Portion of deed above

Gladys D’Alessandro Wesley C. Goodman 07/13/2016 055646/278 Gladys A. D’Alessandro, daughter of Arthur F. Paddock and Margaret Morrison

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