44 Cape Road – c. 1960

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Rueben B. Rowe Samuel H. Perron
Rose Perron
03/21/1914 002049/499
Samuel H. Perron
Rose Perron
Nellie O. Ploof 08/13/1948 003142/349 Portion of deed above
Nellie O. Ploof Margaret Consigli 06/27/1960 004119/596
Margaret Consigli Peter A. D’Arcangelo
Hazeltine D’Arcangelo
01/18/1961 004170/209
Mark D’Arcangelo
Vance D’Arcangelo
Russell D’Arcangelo
Trisha D’Arcangelo
Lisa Dakin
Emelio E. Perez
Ellisha Clouser
03/29/2012 048781/325 Grantors are heirs of Peter D’Arcangelo (d. 2007)

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