45 Cape Road – c. 1950

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Rueben B. Rowe Samuel H. Perron
Rose Perron
03/21/1914 002049/499
Samuel H. Perron
Rose Perron
Rene Roy 04/07/1950 003250/259 Portion of deed above
Rene Roy Edward Walenty
Louise Walenty
08/15/1951 003358/559 Portion of deed above
Louise C. Walenty Jennifer Lynn Walenty 12/05/2007 042230/214 Power of Attorney
Jennifer Lynn Walenty,
POA for Louise Walenty
National City Bank 12/07/2007 042230/216 Mortgage deed
Louise C. Walenty Louise C. Walenty,
Trustee of Louise C.
Walenty Living
08/06/2008 043179/194
Louise C. Walenty PNC Bank, N. A. 07/27/2012 049851/359 Possession
PNC Bank, N. A. Fannie Mae 09/06/2012 049851/361 Foreclosure deed
Fannie Mae LRB Acquisition, LLC 03/05/2014 052124/005
LRB Acquisition, LLC Karol Bruno Reis
Francisca M. Verissimo
10/16/2014 052926/083
Karol Bruno Reis
Monica V. Reis
Francisca M. Verissimo
John Williamson
Dianna Williamson
05/30/2018 058914/165
John Williamson
Dianna Williamson
John E. Williamson
Dianna M. Williamson

Trustees of Dianna
Marie Williamson
and John Edward
Williamson Living

06/08/2020 062575/184

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