56 Milford Street – c. 1950

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Annette N. Barney John J. Harrington 12/22/1920 002235/269
John J. Harrington Clifford A. Cook 12/28/1925 002392/457 Mortgage deed
Clifford A. Cook Hannah Schofield 10/20/1932 002573/316 Assignment
John J. Harrington Hannah Schofield 02/21/1933 002580/212 Possession
Hannah Schofield Mildred Dobbie 02/27/1933 002580/213 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Mildred Dobbie Town of Mendon 08/06/1936 002672/401 Purchased by the Town of Mendon after failure to sell at auction for non-payment of taxes
Town of Mendon Leon Wojnoski
Stella Wojnoski
04/17/1953 003499/150
Commonwealth of
Leon Wojnoski
Stella Wojnoski
06/12/1962 Decree 000522 Decree to confirm title

House is on Lot 2

Leon Wojnoski
Stella Wojnoski
Michael Wojnoski 11/16/1978 Certificate 009433
Document 034143
Michael Wojnoski Michael Wojnoski
Frances L. Wojnoski
10/12/1993 Certificate 012521
Document 057618
Michael Wojnoski
Frances L. Wojnoski
David M. Spence
Natalia Spence
10/09/2002 Certificate 014765
Document 078408
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