107 Bates Street

107 Bates Street – c. 1944

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Daniel Lazell Nahum Bates 04/02/1839 00340/569
Elias T. Bates
Henry G. Bates
Lewis Bates 12/24/1883 001599/522 Elias T., Henry G. and Lewis Bates, title via the will of their father, Laban Bates (d. 1879)

Laban Bates, son of Nahum Bates

Rosabelle G. Bates
Harry E. Bates
Warren D. Bates
William R. Bowen 08/30/1920 002577/535 Rosabell G. Bates, wife of Lewis Bates
(d. 1907)

Harry E. and Warren D. Bates, children of Rosabelle G. and Lewis Bates

William R. Bowen Edward J. Boover
Mildred E. Boover
04/03/1944 002911/548 Portion of deed above
Edward R. Boover,
Personal Representative
of the Estate of
Mildred E. Boover
Edward R. Boover 09/08/2015 054287/082

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