7 Bates Street – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Charles H. Howe
Joseph Wood
Angelina Wood
Edward S. Worthen 11/29/1876 000966/635
Edward S. Worthen Owen Carr 10/11/1893 001426/459
Owen Carr Alonzo E. Brown 01/18/1897 001528/383
Alonzo E. Brown Margaret F. Bullard 03/17/1903 001743/325
Curtis C. Hood,
Administrator of the Estate
of Fred P. Bullard
Alfred Sutcliffe
Mary M. Sutcliffe
07/01/1944 002924/123
Mary M. Sutcliffe Leo Moroney 12/11/1989 012519/289
Leo Moroney Robert J. Burke
Pamela J. Burke
12/28/1990 013172/032 Portion of the deed above
Robert J. Burke
Pamela J. Burke
Meredith Jeanne McGair 11/03/2020 063769/029

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