15 Hartford Avenue East – Swandale Cemetery

15 Hartford Avenue East – c. 1854

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Scammell Aldrich John G. Metcalf
Silas Dudley
George Rawson
Calvin W. Wheelock
David Adams
Adam Wheelock
John W. Alexander
Henry W. Boyden
James Gannon
Cyrus Boyden
Charles H. Smith
Joseph R. Wheelock
William T. Metcalf
Benjamin D. Williams
Welcome Staples
Willard H. Swan
Riley Mitchell
Andrew H. Reed
Augustus Knights
Lewis Stone 2nd
William L. Young
Timothy Ellis
Henry Rawson
James H. Cunnabell
Francis F. Taft
Henry A. Aldrich
Jesse A. Alderman
Aaron C. Cook
Ebenezer Marsh
04/27/1854 000524/485
Emma F. Ellis Marcus M. Aldrich
Joseph L. Metcalf
Edward C. Kinsley

Proprietors of
the Necropolis

06/22/1896 001514/084 Additional land
Necropolis of the
Town of Mendon
Swan Dale Cemetery
08/19/1899 001619/507 Swan Dale Cemetery Association established 01/01/1899

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