13 North Avenue – c. 1914

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Silas Dudley Edward Dudley 11/01/1881 001105/437
Charlotte A. Snow
Mary E. Dudley
Silas A. Dudley
George M. Taft 04/16/1910 001931/005 Charlotte A. Snow, Mary E. and Silas A. Dudley, children and heirs of Edward Dudley (d. 1901)
George M. Taft Clarence A. Taft 04/19/1910 001930/245 Portion of Tract 1 in deed above
Clarence A. Taft Edward T. Powers 05/05/1914 002053/039
Edward T. Powers Milford Savings Bank 05/01/1929 002493/582 Mortgage deed
Edward T. Powers Abner Spencer 05/28/1937 002696/007 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Abner Spencer James H. Powers 05/29/1937 002696/008
James H. Powers Edward T. Powers 04/13/1938 002736/238
Elizabeth B. Powers John B. Powers 06/22/1961 004210/451 Elizabeth B. Powers, widow of Edward T. Powers, title derived via will of Edward T. Powers (d. 1958)
Georgia A. Powers,
Guardian of John
B. Powers
Georgia A. Powers 08/10/1999 021741/149
Mary Dunahey
Patricia J. Powers
John B. Power

Trustees of the
Estate of Georgia
A. Powers

Damon S. Tinio,
Trustee of MJT
Milford Real Estate
06/10/2009 044440/201
Damon S. Tinio,
Trustee of MJT
Milford Real Estate
Lawney M. Tinio 09/30/2012 046427/152
Lawney M. Tinio Alexander Pnilip
08/19/2020 063146/375

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