17 Providence Street

17 Providence Street – c. 1906

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Naum Gaskill Albert W. Gaskill 10/23/1855 000647/005
Wendell Williams,
Administrator of the Estate
of Albert W. Gaskill
Bertha Coleman 06/23/1915 002081/238 Bertha Coleman, daughter of Albert W. Gaskill.
(d 1915)

House is on Tract 1

E. Jane Coleman
Lois B. Holbrook
Shirley M. Peterson
Emily L. Coleman 01/27/1971 005175/483 Title acquired by under estate of Albert S. Coleman (d. 1966), son of Bertha Coleman (d. 1955)
E. Jane Coleman
Lois Holbrook
Christine Rawley
Melinda Gauthier
Leonard Peterson
Seth S. Holbrook
Fred Hutnak 12/17/1999 022161/231 Title acquired under estate of Emily L. Coleman (d. 1990)
Fred Hutnak Gary M. Hutnak
Wendy L. Hutnak
10/08/2003 031925/211 Portion of deed above
Gary M. Hutnak
Wendy L. Hutnak
Steven Handley
Kristina D. Handley
03/23/2010 045626/117
Steven Handley
Kristina D. Handley
Kristina D. Handley 07/11/2013 051208/262
Kristina D. Handley Robert R. Dellaselva
Denise A. Dellaselva
03/14/2014 052121/164

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