28A Quissett Road

28A Quissett Road – c. 1946

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Felix H. Bibeau Edgar Dion
Ozilda Dion
01/14/1931 002536/011
Angelina LeBlanc Ozilda Dion 11/30/1936 002683/365 Angelina LeBlanc, sister of Edgar Dion (d. 1936)

Parcel #4

Ozilda Dion Leonora O. Lassonde 12/18/1936 002683/367
Leonora O. Lassonde Town of Mendon 08/15/1941 002828/136 Tax taking

Parcel 4 in deed above

Town of Mendon Leonora O. Lassonde 04/16/1963 003499/037 Certificate of Redemption
Leonora O. Lassonde John Kreson, Jr.
Shirley Kreson
10/04/1955 003725/349
Shirley Kreson Shirley Kreson,
Trustee of the
Quissett Road
Realty Trust
03/30/1995 017015/376
Edith Gilbert,
Trustee of the
Quissett Road
Realty Trust
Hastie Real Estate
Management, Inc.
03/20/2013 050617/015

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