44 Uxbridge Road

44 Uxbridge Road – c. 1930

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Commonwealth of
Mass Land Court
Henry W. Gaskill 08/15/1907 Certificate 000169
Decree 000047
Decree of Registration
Henry W. Gaskill John R. O’Neil 06/26/1911 Certificate 000292
Document 000599
Lot B8
Henry W. Gaskill Lillian N. Damon 03/16/1920 Certificate 000723
Document 002497
Lot B9
John R. O’Neil Louis J. Pagani 09/03/1921 Certificate 002895
Document 009763
Lot B8
George W. Damon,
Administrator of the
Estate of Mary L.
(Lillian N.) Damon
John E. Swift 01/23/1926 Certificate 001448
Document 004668
Lot B9
John E. Swift Harry T. Merrick
Ada J. Merrick
07/07/1926 Certificate 001449
Document 004669
Lot B9
Louis J. Pagani Jesse White 10/23/1942 Certificate 002906
Document 009805
Lot B8
Ada J. Merrick Jesse White 07/10/1947 Certificate 003552
Document 011602
Ada J. Merrick, wife of Harry (Hallet) Thorpe Merrick
(d. 1947)

Lot B9

House on this lot moved to 1 Taft Avenue in 1964

Jesse White Ronald R. Spindel
Shirley W. Spindel
01/03/1984 Certificate 010437
Document 039500
Both lots
Worcester Registry
Ronald R. Spindel
Shirley W. Spindel
06/13/2016 Certificate 010437
Document 108927
Correct Document 039500

Change lot B8 to Lot B12
Change lot B9 to Lot B13

Ronald R. Spindel
Shirley W. Spindel
Rte. 85 Realty Corp 04/22/2019 Certificate 018166
Document 114030

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