62 Hartford Avenue West

62 Hartford Avenue West – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Luke Aldrich Samuel Bills 04/01/1818 000228/405 Parcel 2 in deeds below
Marie L. Bills Susan E. Rawson 07/12/1890 001329/336 Marie L. Bills; widow of Davis Bills (d. 1890), son of Samuel Bills
(d. 1858)

Releasing rights of dower and homestead

Davis Bills Farm; 3 parcels

Susan E. Rawson Rupert F. Bates 08/19/1893 001418/410 Susan Rawson title via the will of her father, Davis Bills
Charles T. Aldrich Henry Roy
Desire Roy
09/09/1899 001629/093 Couldn’t find deed from Bates to Aldrich
Henry Roy Desire Roy 06/30/1903 001753/245
Desire Roy Ferdinand Roy
Regina Roy
01/09/1935 002631/180 Land with buildings

Portion of Parcel 2 in deed above

Desire Roy Ferdinand Roy
Regina Roy
04/25/1941 002812/461 Correction to deed above
Ferdinand Roy Laurie P. Hutchinson
Elizabeth E. Hutchinson
12/02/1946 003030/427
Elizabeth E. Hutchinson Francis R. Scott
Jessie O. Scott
04/21/1956 003766/473

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