61 Hartford Avenue West

61 Hartford Avenue West – c. 1938

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Stephen B. Jackson Obadiah Wood 06/15/1816 000201/510
Obadiah Wood Perry Wood 06/10/1845 000412/241
Samuel W. Wood Frank H. Wood 04/30/1896 001506/234 Samuel W. and Frank H. Wood, sons of Perry Wood (d. 1890) and nephews of Austin Wood (d. 1893)

Title via the wills of Austin and Perry Wood, 1/2 interest each

Austin and Perry Wood title via the will of their father, Obadiah Wood (d. 1865), 1/2 interest each

Frank H. Wood Norman I. Rogers 09/12/1938 002729/406
Norman I. Rogers Kevin R. Sherin 10/31/1952 003460/312 Deeds states this is Parcel #9 in deed 001506/234, but boundaries don’t agree
Kevin R. Sherin Norman I. Rogers
Dorothy B. Rogers
10/31/1952 003460/313

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