4 Elm Street – c. 1852

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Amy Elizabeth Taft Sumner Ballou 05/13/1870 000816/155 Land only
Charlotte Ballou Semantha Coleman 03/08/1882 001116/062 Charlotte Ballou widow and heir of Sumner Ballou (d. 1882)
Semantha Coleman Harriet H. Young 03/19/1883 001140/368 One undivided half

Semantha Coleman and Harriet H. Young daughters of Sumner Ballou

Semantha Coleman Myra C. Allen
Horace C. Coleman
1901 Myra C. Allen and Horace C. Coleman children of Semantha Coleman

Harriet Young died 8/14/1890
Semantha Coleman died 01/19/1901

Myra C. Allen Bertha Coleman 03/12/1901 01678/516 Buildings are mentioned in this deed
Bertha Coleman Herbert E. Whiting 11/01/1915 002090/240 Bertha Coleman, Administratrix of the estate of Horace C. Coleman

One undivided half

Bertha Coleman Herbert E. Whiting 11/01/1915 002090/260 One undivided half
James A. E. Brown Herbert E. Whiting 05/14/1916 002192/420 Land only
Herbert E. Whiting Alfred A. Lee 01/29/1946 002994/273
Alfred A. Lee Herbert E. Whiting
Alice F. Whiting
01/29/1946 002994/274
Alice F. Whiting Wesley C. Shattuck
Marjorie H. Shattuck
10/15/1947 003091/596
Gerard Boudreau Jay A. Walling
Mary A. Walling
11/28/2000 023330/343 Gerard Boudreau, Executor of the estate of Wesley C. Shattuck

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