28 Taft Avenue

28 Taft Avenue – c. 1930

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Adaline A. Davenport,
Administratrix of the
Estate of Luther E.
John P. Remick 09/04/1917 002141/137 5 Lots on Taft Avenue
John P. Remick Thomas F. Kaveney 05/14/1921 002243/516
Frank T. Kaveney
Edward F. Kaveney
Anna M. Burns
Frank Kaveney 11/16/1922 002285/186 Frank T. Kaveney, Edward F. Kaveney and Anna M. Burns, children and heirs of Thomas F. Kaveney
Frank Kaveney Albert W. Davis
Florence F. Smith
12/30/1922 002302/085 Portion of deed above

Lots 28 and 29

Ina S. Davis
Wesley C. Webster
William T. Smith 04/15/1931 002541/073 Undivided half share

Ina S. Davis, widow of Albert W. Davis

Wesley C. Webster, guardian of Mary Alice Davis and Clara Weston Bassett Davis, children and heirs of Albert W. Davis

Florence F. Smith William T. Smith 05/31/1931 002541/074 Undivided half share
William T. Smith Edward G. Harvey
Helen L. Harvey
04/21/1943 002883/231
Helen L. Harvey James F. Deetz
Eleanor J. Deetz
06/28/1944 016398/044
Eleanor J. Deetz Dayton Joseph Deetz 06/22/2001 024363/167
Dayton Joseph Deetz Laura A. Tosches 12/30/2003 032585/361

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