31 Taft Avenue

31 Taft Avenue – c. 1935

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Luther E. Taft Clarence E. Arnold 04/15/1909 001905/441
Clarence E. Arnold Emma F. Rich 11/11/1909 001926/124
Luther E. Taft Emma F. Rich 10/15/1910 001947/564 Adjoining lot
Clara J. Marden John F. Cahill
Helen B. Cahill
09/11/1941 002832/322 Clara J. Marden, sister and heir of Emma F. Rich (d. 1937)

Both lots

Helen B. Cahill Francis J. Garcia 09/30/1964 004506/261
Anna C. Morrison,
Administratrix of the
Estate of Francis J.
Anna C. Morrison 07/18/1973 005363/426
Anna C. Morrison William J. Morrison
Pauline J. Morrison
09/17/1986 009799/164
William J. Morrison
Pauline J. Morrison
John W. Audet, Inc. 10/24/2011 048139/288 Original house demolished in 2012
John W. Audet, Inc. Dona M. Rucciuti 08/06/2013 051340/309
Dona M. (Rucciuti) Son Dona M. Son
Hyun Travis Son
06/24/2019 060639/279

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