24 Cape Road – c. 1930 (22 Cape Road on assessor’s map)

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Wellman C. Blake Maud B. Ripley 12/02/1913 002043/307 Land only
Maud B. Ripley Maud H. Hysom 08/23/1919 002187/101
Maud H. Hysom Patrick F. Crowley 07/31/1920 002222/493
Patrick Francis Crowley Charles H. Hallier 08/23/1920 002224/517
Charles H. Hallier Margaret R. Donahue 06/16/1923 002302/488
Margaret R. Donahue Antonio Magliocca
Reginalda Magliocca
03/14/1927 002430/555
Antonio Magliocca
Reginalda Magliocca
Theresa E. Balconi 09/21/1931 002551/124
Theresa E. Balconi Reginalda Magliocca 09/21/1931 002551/125
Reginalda Magliocca Henry D. Ahronian 04/28/1952 003412/511
Henry D. Ahronian James M. Clement
Rose M. Clement
08/24/1954 003614/502 House is on Parcel 1
James M. Clement
Rose M. Clement
Ralph Fantini
Ida Y. Fantini
12/10/1954 003644/083
Ralph Fantini
Ida Y. Fantini
Genevieve Geneseo 03/02/1955 003662/251
Genevieve (Geneseo) Feeny Joan M. Eckert
Lorena Pepe
09/06/1972 005258/472
Joan M. Eckert
Irving E. Gennet
Joan M. Eckert 12/07/1984 010229/072 Irving E. Gennet,
Trustee in Bankruptcy
for Lorena Pepe
Frances E. Crespi,
Executrix under the
Will of Joan M. Eckert
Edward P. Grace, Jr.
Paulette M. Grace
10/01/2002 027644/267

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