133 North Avenue – c. 1780

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Henry Penniman Seth Davenport 03/16/1784 000094/008
Seth Davenport Seth Davenport, Jr. 03/14/1800 000171/497
Abbot A. Jenkins,
Frederick Davenport
Ora P. Davenport
07/14/1908 001883/197 Estate of Seth T. Davenport sold at auction

Seth T. Davenport, son of Seth Davenport, Jr.

Frederick A. Davenport and Ora P. Davenport, sons of Austin D. Davenport, grandsons of Seth T. Davenport

House is on Tract 1

Marion E. Davenport Ora P. Davenport 06/09/1931 002543/519 Marion E. Davenport, widow of Frederick A. Davenport
Marion E. Davenport,
Guardian of Edith
M. Davenport and
Beatrice L. Davenport
Ora P. Davenport 06/09/1931 002544/021 Edith M. Davenport and Beatrice L. Davenport, minor children of Frederick A. Davenport
Ora P. Davenport Freeman C. Lowell
J. Grace Lowell
11/15/1944 002936/490
Forrest T. Lowell
Donald B. Lowell
Harold F. Lowell
Martha C. Lowell
Edith W. Lowell 01/04/1956 003751/145 Forrest T., Donald B, Harold F. and Martha C. Lowell, heirs of J. Grace Lowell

House is on Parcel 4, Tract 1

Edith W. Lowell Harold F. Lowell
Donald B. Lowell
01/04/1956 003751/148
Linwood E. Lowell
Martha Lowell

Trustees of Lowell
Realty Trust

Helen L. Lowell
David B. Lowell
Ronald T. Lowell
08/19/1982 007536/093 Parcel 4 in deed above
Helen L. Lowell
David B. Lowell
Sidney A. Slobodkin
Sally C. Lowell
Hackenson Corp. 04/09/1998 019812/176 Portion of Tract 1 in deed above
Hackenson Corp. 133 North Avenue
10/03/2012 049733/035 Portion of deed above

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