17 Hartford Avenue West

17 Hartford Avenue West – c. 1945

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Joanna S. Cook
Davis B. Cook
Stephen Cook
Adin B. Cook
Lovina Stone 11/16/1861 000649/475
Lewis S. Ford Caroline A. R. Gaskill 06/24/1907 001857/488 Lewis S. Ford and Caroline A. R. Gaskill, children and heirs of George R. Ford (d. 1907) and Mary H. Ford (d. 1880)

Mary H. (Stone) Ford, daughter of Lewis Stone (d. 1879) and Lovina Cook Stone (d. 1878)

Peter O. Gaskill Elise Gaskill 04/06/1939 002742/187 Peter O. Gaskill, husband of Caroline A.R. Gaskill (d. 1927)

Elise Gaskill, daughter of Peter O. Gaskill and Caroline A. R. Gaskill

Elise Gaskill Edmund Yanski 05/31/1939 002752/012 Parcel 2 in deed above
Lewis S. Ford Edmund Yanski 10/25/1941 002834/560 Correction to deed 001857/488
Edmund Yanski Doris Savage 12/21/1945 002981/105 Portion of deed above
Doris Savage Norman S. Mason, Sr.
Clara M. Mason
01/21/1946 002993/408
Norman S. Mason, Sr.
Clara M. Mason
Viola White 03/16/1956 003759/156
Viola White Donald E. Coburn
Ethel J. Coburn
10/08/1956 003812/577
Ethel J. Coburn Douglas E. Coburn 05/09/2005 036288/083 House is on Tract 1
Douglas E. Coburn Isis A. Coburn 03/21/2022 067303/145

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