47 Hartford Avenue West (Off)

47 Hartford Avenue West (Off) – c. 1947

From To Date Book/Page Notes
John G. F. Metcalf
Joseph L. Metcalf
F. Leslie Metcalf
Charles I. Barnes 11/25/1901 001704/385
Charles I. Barnes Samuel B. Taft 09/28/1906 001839/162
Samuel B. Taft Etta M. Barnes 09/28/1906 001839/143 Etta M. Barnes, wife of Charles I. Barnes
Charles I. Barnes Henry W. Gaskill 03/15/1933 002583/510 Parcel 2 in deed above
Henry W. Gaskill George A. Davis 11/22/1937 002711/076
George A. Davis Ruth E. Tracey
Karl H. Torey
07/07/1939 002857/100 Portion of deed above
George A. Davis Rodney Dunbar 07/10/1940 002822/181
Rodney Dunbar Ruth E. Tracey
Karl H. Torey
09/13/1941 002857/101
Etta M. Barnes Karl H. Torey
Ruth E. (Tracey) Torey
01/18/1946 002985/507 Deed given to confirm present owner
Ruth E. Torey Ruth E. Torey
Eric T. Torey
03/04/1981 007184/358
Ruth E. Torey Eric T. Torey 11/08/1991 013779/163 Adjacent parcels
Peter G. Coffin
Julie A. Coffin
Eric T. Torey 05/12/2016 055326/324 Land only

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