24 Main Street

24 Main Street – c. 1817

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Philip Ammidon Jonathan Russell 06/15/1803 000151/611
Jonathan Russell Richard George 01/09/1804 000154/189
Julius George,
Administrator of the
Estate of Nathan
Nathan R. George 10/26/1872 000888/636 Nathan George
(d. 1872), son of Richard George (d. 1827)

Julius A. and Nathan R. George, sons of Nathan George (d. 1872)

Melissa U. George
Rosa F. Taft
Nancy C. George
Nathan R. George, Jr.
Herbert J. George 07/30/1915 002084/281 Melissa U. George, wife of Nathan R. George
(d. 1914)

Rosa F. Taft, daughter of Nathan R. George and first wife, Frances Rosanna George
(d. 1859)

Nancy C. and Nathan R. George, Jr., children of Nathan R. George and second wife, Melissa U. George

Herbert J. George Shelley D. Vincent
Mary G. Vincent
10/22/1940 002796/533 House is on Parcel 1
Mary G. Vincent Shelley D. Vincent 01/09/1992 015011/249
Shelley D. Vincent III Shelley D. Vincent III
Valerie R. Vincent

Trustees of Elm Hill
Farm Realty Trust

10/05/1993 016560/203
Stephen C. Pisini,
Trustee of Elm Hill
Farm Realty Trust
Shelley D. Vincent IV
Lisa Vincent Taylor
12/11/2018 059810/052

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