33 Main Street

33 Main Street – c. 1845

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Inhabitants of
the First Parish
of Mendon
Ezra Leland 09/11/1843 000384/270 Land only; this was the site of the 4th Meeting House
Daniel Rawson Ezra Leland 05/18/1844 000388/606 Land “a little south of where the old meeting house lately stood”
Ezra Leland Levi Rawson
Silas Rawson
04/01/1845 000396/495 Mortgage deed

States that he house was built by Ezra Leland

Ezra Leland
Hannah Leland
Levi Rawson
Silas Rawson
Willard Isleton Allen 02/14/1848 000438/012
Willard I. Allen Priscilla E. Grow 02/15/1864 000678/241
Lysander Grow
Priscilla E. Grow
A. W. Judson 02/26/1875 000950/372
Andrew W. Judson Elkanah Snow
Irwin (Erwin) A. Snow
09/11/1883 001156/234 Portion of deed above

With Life Estate to Elkanah Snow
(d. 1880)

Erwin A. Snow Fred A. Snow
Louisa W. Snow
10/08/1926 002419/106
Shelley D. Vincent III,
Executor of the
Will of Fred A.
Merton F. Barrows 11/01/1972 005289/496
Merton F. Barrows Shelley D. Vincent III 05/03/1973 005336/383
Shelley D. Vincent IV
Lisa Vincent Taylor

Milford National Bank
and Trust Company

Trustees of the
Shelley D. Vincent III
Revocable Insurance

Shelley D. Vincent IV
Lisa Vincent Taylor
08/09/2018 059257/290 Shelley Vincent IV and Lisa Vincent Taylor title via the Will of Shelley D. Vincent III (d. 1997)
Lisa Vincent Taylor Shelley D. Vincent IV 08/09/2018 059257/294

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