11 Cape Road – c. 1885

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Abraham Hixon William H. Sherin
Mary Sherin
03/31/1868 000762/466
Mary Sherin
Patrick Sherin
David Sherin
Eleanor L. Norcross 05/28/1885 001206/235
Charles T. Norcross
E. L. Norcross
George W. Worthen 09/21/1887 001285/478
George W. Worthen Orinda Phillips 06/16/1900 001649/499
Annie V. Congdon
Charles J. Phillips
Frank R. Phillips
Bertha E. Phillips
Frank R. Boyer
Belle S. Boyer
01/14/1944 002907/521 Annie V. Congdon, Charles J. Phillips, Frank R. Phillips, Bertha E. Phillips, children of Orinda Phillips (d. 1933)
Isabelle (Belle) S. Boyer Frank R. Boyer 04/23/1964 004480/013
Frank R. Boyer Frank R. Boyer
Jean H. Boyer
03/05/1976 005899/245
Jean H. Boyer Bethany Assembly
of God, Inc.
04/14/1992 014136/120 House is on Lot 2
Bethany Assembly
of God, Inc.
Philip L. McCutchen
Cheryl R. McCutchen
04/14/1992 014136/126 Lot 2 in deed above
Philip L. McCutchen
Cheryl R. McCutchen
John A. LeBlanc
Lenette Shaw
10/03/1994 016615/364
John A. LeBlanc
Lenette (Shaw) LeBlanc
Bethany Assembly
of God
06/19/2002 026820/177

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