5 Hartford Avenue West

5 Hartford Avenue West – c. 1925

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Otis R. Inman Louisa Wilbur 06/21/1884 001175/374
Oscar F. Wilbur Alice J. Wilbur
Walter E. Wilbur
Mary G. Wibur
10/10/1907 001866/229 Oscar F. Wilbur, Alice J. Wilbur, Walter E. Wilbur and Mary G. Wilber, children of Louisa Wilbur (d. 1899)

Undivided ΒΌ interest

Alice J. Wilbur
Walter E. Wilbur
Mary G. Wibur
Henry W. Gaskill 10/12/1907 001865/411 Mortgage deed
Henry W. Gaskill Kleber A. Campbell 04/14/1916 002101/223 Assignment
Walter E. WIlbur Kleber A. Campbell 03/31/1916 002101/223 Mortgage deed
Walter E. WIlbur Kleber A. Campbell 05/26/1917 002132/373
Kleber A. Campbell Clarence Ellis 10/05/1938 002732/011
Clarence Ellis William J. Hazard 04/12/1948 003115/028
William J. Hazard Francis A. Irons 08/03/1956 003795/009 Portion of Parcel 3 in deed above
Francis A. Irons Viola Nuttall 005/09/1958 003939/016
Randi W. Nuttall, Sr.,
Executor of the
Estate of Stanley E.
Randi W. Nuttall, Sr. 12/26/2003 032561/303 House is on Parcel 1

Stanley Nuttall (d. 2003), son of Viola Nuttall (d. 1989)

Randi W. Nuttall, Sr. North Pond LLP 03/03/2021 0064651/001 Portion of deed above
North Pond LLP Sean Philip Pizzaro 07/13/2022 067932/274 Original house demolished 2022

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