52 Bellingham Street

52 Bellingham Street Street – c. 1930

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Asa Pickering,
Estate of Daniel J. Pickering
Elias Bates 05/10/1886 001215/627
Amariah A. Taft George F. Allen 06/28/1887 001245/237
Nathan A. Cook,
Estate of Lavinia Pickering
Elias T. Bates 11/02/1887 001252/583
George F. Allen Orrin C. Cook 12/26/1904 001802/137
George F. Allen
Clifford C. Cook,
Estate of Elias T. Bates
Orrin C. Cook 04/18/1905 001804/373
Robert Cook Orrin C. Cook 02/01/1921 002242/109
Orrin C. Cook Ellis Cook 09/27/1927 002484/499
Estate of Ellis Cook Probate #193196B
Leah B. Cook
Florence M. Shaw
Madeline L. Healy
James Healy
Alfred V. Carboni,
Carboni Realty Trust
06/05/1964 004470/253
Alfred V. Carboni,
Carboni Realty Trust
Stanley F. Bouchard Jr.
Cora C. Bouchard
07/27/1964 004485/469
Cora C. Bouchard Cora C. Bouchard
Family Trust
11/06/2003 032214/073
Celine M. Bouchard,
Cora C. Bouchard
Family Trust
Mark Bonina 05/18/2018 58916/008

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