14 North Avenue – c. 1945

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Waldo M. Thayer,
Trustee Under the Will
of Mary C. Claflin
John H. Cunningham 10/11/1913 002039/274
John H. Cunningham Robert P. Neil
Annie Neil
05/22/1916 002104/587 Portion of deed above
Robert P. Neil
Annie Neil
Joseph R. Saucier
Emelia A. Saucier
05/17/1919 002177/404
Joseph R. Saucier
Emelia A. Saucier
Kostanti Soszynski
Mary Soszynski
10/09/1922 002282/228
Kostanti Soszynski
Mary Soszynski
Burnette Reyonlds 06/29/1933 002585/172
Burnette Reyonlds Lunnette R. Danforth 06/29/1933 002585/283
Lunnette R. Danforth William H. Casey 09/07/1939 002755/147 Portion of Tract 1 in the deed above
William H. Casey John F. Kerkhof
Katherine L. Kerkhof
09/08/1949 003206/314 Portion of deed above
Katherine L. Kerkhof Gertrude M. Svedine 07/11/1952 003437/558
Herman F. Svedine
Anna B. O’Brien,
Executor of the
Will of Gertrude M.
Florence E. Maher 09/09/1962 004330/414
Florence E. Maher Marie T. Maher 03/17/1980 006941/123
Marie T. Maher Marie T. Maher,
Trustee of the
MacKenzie Nominee
09/11/2012 049613/013
Julie T. Stanas
William F. Bagley

Successor Co-Trustees,
MacKenzie Nominee

Garin E. Eisele 11/10/2016 056291/310 Julia T. Stanas and William F. Bagley, niece and nephew of Marie T. Maher
Garin E. Eisele David T. Palumbo 09/20/2019 061086/365
David T. Palumbo March Property
Management, LLC
10/28/2019 061618/375

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