110 North Avenue

110 North Avenue – c. 1966

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Solomon Johnson
James Lovett, Jr.
Charles Stimson 07/08/1801 000144/219 6 acres
Charles Stimson Seth Davenport, Jr. 09/15/1802 000148/488
James Lovett
Elizabeth Lovett
Seth Davenport, Jr. 03/20/1805 000159/400 17 acres
Seth Davenport, Jr. George L. Davenport 05/02/1843 Will George L. Davenport, son of Seth Davenport, Jr. (d. 1843)

23 acres

David Davenport,
Guardian of

Harriet B. Davenport
Henry Davenport
William H. Davenport
Ann P. Davenport
Rebecca Davenport
David D. Davenport

Liberty Goss 07/08/1847 000426/582 Harriet B., Henry, William H., Ann P., Rebecca and David D. Davenport, minor children of George L. Davenport
(d. 1847)

Liberty Goss was the husband of Susan Davenport Goss, daughter of George L. Davenport

Six undivided ninths

Deeds refer to this property as the “James Lovett Place”

Codicil to the will of Seth Davenport, Jr. allows Rufus Coffee to continue to occupy a house on this property.

Coffee died in 1866, 1870 map shows L. Goss owning 2 houses. The house where Rufus Coffee lived was probably on what is now 110 North Avenue

George Davenport
Charles Davenport
Liberty Goss 07/08/1847 000426/583 George and Charles Davenport, sons of George L. Davenport
Liberty Goss Charles B. Goss 10/16/1888 001299/601 Charles B. Goss, son of Liberty Goss and Susan Davenport Goss
(d. 1875)
Emeline A. Goss Charles B. Goss 02/28/1893 001409/310 Emeline A. Goss, 2nd wife of Liberty Goss
(d. 1892)
Charles B. Goss Corinne F. Goss 12/24/1914 002070/044 Corinne F. Goss, wife of Charles B. Goss
Charles B. Goss
Carlton L. Goss
Raymond H. Goss
Mary Hammann
Gladys Arnold
Edward C. Goss 08/11/1949 003206/438 Charles B. Goss, husband of Corinne F. Goss (d. 1936)

Carlton L. Goss, Raymond H. Goss, Edward C. Goss, Mary Hammann and Gladys Arnold, children and heirs at law of Corinne F. Goss

Edward C. Goss Stanley B. Rogers
Marilyn C. Rogers
02/12/1966 004642/461 Portion of deed above
Stanley B. Rogers
Marilyn C. Rogers
James E. Rogers
Sherry M. Rhodes
Tracy J. Consigli

Trustees of
M and S Rogers
Family Trust

11/02/2018 059640/299

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