11 Hartford Avenue West

11 Hartford Avenue West – c. 1900 (13 Hartford Avenue West on assessor’s map)

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Henry A. Holbrook
Alice A. Hobrook
Paul A. Wheeler 05/04/1881 001098/259
Frederick M. Wheeler
Lyman E. Wheeler
Eva M. Rawson
Mary A. Channel
Herbert D. Wheeler
Dorothy G. Wheeler
William E. Cook 05/12/1903 001795/215 Frederick, Lyman, Eva, Mary and Herbert, children and heirs of Paul A. Wheeler (d. 1901)

Dorothy G. Wheeler, widow and heir of Paul A. Wheeler

William E. Cook Daniel H. Barnes 10/11/1904 001795/216 House is on Tract 1
Daniel H. Barnes John V. Saunders 03/31/1906 001825/415
John V. Saunders James A. Mathewson 07/11/1925 002376/220
James A. Mathewson
Lucy A. Mathewson
James A. Mathewson
Lucy A. Mathewson
10/10/1942 002873/252
James A. Mathewson Ruth P. Granholm 05/04/1953 003500/534 Undivided ½ interest
Ruth P. Granholm James A. Mathewson 05/04/1953 003500/541
Henry H. Mathewson
Frances E. Osgood
Blanche M. McFarland
Irene M. Dalton
Viola I. Nuttall
Willard P. Mathewson, Jr.
Clifford E. Mathewson
James A. Mathewson 07/15/1959 004042/021 Henry, Frances, Blanche, Irene, Viola, Willard, Clifford and James, children and heirs of Lucy A. Mathewson (d. 1959)
James A. Mathewson James A. Mathewson
Marjorie A. Mathewson
08/28/1959 004053/102
Marjorie A. (Mathewson)
William H. Archibald 11/03/1990 013144/116
Janyce-Ann Mathewson,
Executrix of the
Estate of William H.
Janyce-Ann Mathewson 10/11/2005 037582/330
Donna R. Cote,
Personal Representative
of the Estate of
Janyce-Ann Mathewson
Donna R. Cote
Jessica E. Smith
10/28/2020 063700/332
Donna R. Cote
Jessica E. Smith
J-MAT Realty, LLC 12/21/2020 064051/325

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