30 Miscoe Road – c. 1735 (26 Miscoe Road on assessor’s map)

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Edmund Potter
Sarah Potter
Zebulon Goss 09/07/1763 00070/133
Zebulon Goss Enos Goss 04/08/1806 000169/128 One undivided half interest; remaining interest retained by Zebulon Goss
Enos Goss Henry Goss 06/20/1815 000198/059 One undivided half interest

Henry and Enos Goss, sons of Zebulon Goss

Henry Goss Rufus Harris 09/21/1853 000514/403 Title via the will of Zebulon Goss (d. 1821)
Henry Goss Holland Albee 12/01/1854 000539/029
Rufus Harris Holland Albee 12/01/1854 000539/030
Holland Albee Thomas Carey 11/19/1856 000574/170
Margaret Carey,
Guardian of Michael F.
Carey and Mary Ann
John Byrne 12/27/1871 000862/358 Michael Francis and Mary Ann Carey, minor children of Thomas Carey (d. 1868)
Andrew J. Byrne Dorothy H. Chapman 11/08/1946 003030/181 Andrew J. Byrne, son and heir of John Byrne (d. 1924)

House is on Tract 2

Dorothy H. Chapman Andrew J. Byrne
Loretta D. Byrne
11/08/1946 003030/182
Dorothy Long Palmer,
Administratrix of the
Estate of Loretta Byrne
Allen P. Tatro
Kathleen Tatro
11/12/1993 015826/277
Allen P. Tatro
Kathleen Tatro
Allen P. Tatro 12/20/2003 032563/018
Allen P. Tetro John Morias 10/12/2017 057879/205
John Morais Thomas S. Clark, Jr.
Rebecca Clark
11/20/2019 061486/327 Demolished June 13, 2020

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