8 Eight Rod Road

8 Eight Rod Road – c. 1960

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Amariah A. Taft
Thankful Taft
John Marron 01/14/1864 000676/396
Lydia A. (Marron)
Mary A. Broughey 04/01/1891 001347/347 Lydia A. Sweet, heir of John Marron, sister of Mary A. (Marron) Broughey
Michael Broughey
Mary A. Broughey
Milford Savings Bank 04/12/1893 001411/005 Mortgage deed
Lydia A. Broughey Stephen E. Broughey
Rose I. (Broughey)
01/31/1931 002536/378 Lydia A. and Stephen E. Broughey and Rose I. Holland, children and heirs of Mary A. Broughey

Grantees to assume mortgage

Rose I. Holland Stephen E. Broughey
Mary Broughey
02/05/1952 003396/597
Stephen E. Broughey
Mary Broughey
Charles A. Gaffney
Margaret F. Gaffney
07/31/1954 003615/331 Portion of deed above
Margaret F. Gaffney Charles Gaffney 10/08/1985 008979/341
Charles Gaffney Gary A. Leavitt
Diane J. Leavitt
12/18/1986 010075/293
Gary A. Leavitt Diane J. (Leavitt)
09/21/1995 017341/354
Diane J. DiLorenzo Michelle Matthews 06/05/2015 053814/061

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