116 Millville Street

116 Millville Street – c. 1831

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Simeon Wheelock Alanson S. Freeman 03/26/1836 000338/223
Alanson S. Freeman Enos T. Albee 10/31/1845 000404/268 Portion of Tract 1 in deed above
Enos T. Albee Robert Taft 02/05/1866 000718/426 Mortgage deed
Enos T. Albee Robert Taft 12/11/1871 000869/081
Robert Taft Eliza A. Albee 04/27/1880 001074/132
Charles H. Albee
Eliza A. Albee
Christopher Daniels 04/27/1880 001074/133 Mortgage deed
Charles H. Albee
Eliza A. Albee
Robert Taft 04/27/1880 001074/135 Mortgage deed
Charles H. Albee
Eliza A. Albee
Nathan G. Daniels,
Executor of the Will
of Christopher Daniels
10/12/1891 001364/288 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Sarah Henry Joseph Brown 05/08/1897 001570/053 Sarah Henry, sister and heir-at-law of Nathan G. Daniels (d. 1895)

House is on Parcel 1

Joseph Brown Katherine Dunleavy 09/27/1929 002507/221
Katherine Dunleavy Joseph Brown
Annie Brown
10/10/1929 002507/222
Joseph Brown Fern Wagner 10/18/1940 002809/383
Robert Rhodes
Ross Rhodes
Reese Rhodes
Rolf Rhodes
Wayne F. Wagner
Wayne F. Wagner
Ellen D. Wagner aka
Helena D. Wagner
11/19/2009 045205/302 Heirs of Fern Wagner

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