28 Maple Street

28 Maple Street – c. 1840

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Holland Albee Dennis Eames 05/30/1849 000448/577
Dennis Eames Trustees of Methodist
Episcopal Church
11/11/1853 000520/049 Portion of deed above
Trustees of Methodist
Episcopal Church
Nathan R. George 06/19/1860 000627/467
Nathan R. George John S. Gaskill 10/03/1860 000635/657
Dennis Eames
Mary L. Eames
John S. Gaskill 06/04/1861 000644/583 Land only
John S. Gaskill Edward C. Kinsley 05/29/1875 000964/628
Rachael S. Wheelock Edward C. Kinsley 08/22/1889 001370/225 Right of way
Percy T. Kinsley Annie E. Barnes 02/13/1926 002396/241 Percy T. Kinsley, son of Edward C. Kinsley (1908)
D. Kinsley Barnes D. Kinsley Barnes
Viola M. Barnes
11/18/1961 004245/175 D. Kinsley Barnes inherited from Annie E. Barnes (d. 1956) and Daniel H. Barnes (d. 1959)
Viola M. Barnes Joseph F. Bradley
Nancy L. Bradley
06/30/1972 005235/548
Nancy L. Bradley Yudis Batista Conco
Elfego M. Bahena
06/11/2020 062862/166
Yudis Batista Conco
Elfego M. Bahena
Bradley Keites 07/21/2021 065670/316

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