210 Providence Street

210 Providence Street – c. 1910

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Leon Daniels
Susan Moore
Hiram E. Cook 05/08/1884 001190/121 Leon Daniels and Susan Moore, children and heirs of Cyrus C. Daniels (d. 1882)
Hiram E. Cook Lewis G. Wilson 07/23/1896 001512/630 One house on Parcel 1
Evelyn Cook Lewis G. Wilson 07/23/1896 001512/631 Evelyn Cook, daughter and heir of Cyrus C. Daniels, wife of Hiram Cook
Lewis G. Wilson Lincoln S. Skrine 07/03/1906 001833/457 Two houses on Parcel 1
Lincoln S. Skrine Elizabeth A. Richardson 11/11/1911 001978/149
Elizabeth A. Richardson George F. Slade
Abbie. O. Slade
12/26/1912 002017/043
Carlton L. Force,
Administrator of the
Estate of Emily S.
Lucille S. Farese 08/27/1962 004310/183 Emily S. Force
(d. 1962), daughter and heir of Abbie O. Slade (d. 1917)

1/3 interest

Marguerite Slade
Claudia B. Webb
Lucille S. Farese 08/31/1962 004310/184 Marguerite Slade and Claudia B. Webb, daughters and heirs of Abbie O. Slade

Title via the estate of Abbie O. Slade

Marguerite Slade,
Administratrix of the
Estate of Abbie O.
Lucille S. Farese 08/31/1962 004310/186 Title via the estate of Abbie O. Slade

1/2 interest

Lucille S. Farese Charles M. Allaire
Deborah A. Allaire
09/21/1967 004792/494
Deborah A. Allaire Charles M. Allaire 01/31/1979 006676/146 House is on Parcel III
Charles M. Allaire Christopher M. Allaire 07/31/1996 018155/058 Portion of deed above

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